13 August, 2010

Todd's TV Book Review

By James Proimos


"Todd loved his parents. But he had grown much closer to his TV." This quote says it all, Todd's TV is a hilarious story of what can happen if you constantly place your child in front of the television. Todd's parents just couldn't help it, they were both busy the night of parent-teacher conferences. When the TV offers to go with Todd instead they decide that it does make sense since he spends more time with Todd then they do, so they allow it. Soon TV is making breakfast, driving Todd to school, and giving advice... But one day the TV goes too far for Todd's parents and they become extremely jealous and try to win back Todd's favour.

James Proimos has written and illustrated another fabulous adventure with Todd's TV. Children will belly laugh (as parents nervously giggle) at the reality of this story. Proimos' style hasn't changed a bit with this book, his plot is still ridiculous and funny and his illustrations still simple. A fabulous characteristic of Proimos' work is the character's dialog in speech bubbles, it gives this story a great comic book feel. The only thing disappointing about this book is when they turn off the TV (sorry for the spoiler) because Proimos built up such an amazing friendship between Todd and the TV... The TV really was a good caretaker, it was sad to see him off.

Todd's TV is a great giggly read for everyone of every age. A great silly warning story for parents to be careful how busy you are and how much you plop the kids in front of the TV, you might just find your child chosing the TV over you!

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